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Monday, July 30, 2012

After a difficult delivery 'Zuri' is finally born!

 I have finally booked my trip to the UK today!!!
I'll be exhibiting at the TEDDIES 2012 on the 9th of September and I am looking forward to it!
Like to know more about it? See this link: http://www.hugglets.co.uk/festivalindex.php

Voting for the first rounds of the URSA Awards has ended on the 29th of July. Fingers crossed I will appear in the final rounds. I hope so. It depents on how many votes I got for Biscuit, Patrick & Rudi and Howie.
If  I will appear in the final rounds, will you vote for me again? :)

And last but not least:

Well... today I finally finished my latest creations. I must say she was a pain in the ***! 
Her legs were horrible, did not want to cooperate at all!! And then I forgot about the hair in the neck... Being a perfectionist, I could not leave that out... but: she is finally born! 
I love her eye lashes, they are so soft :)

 Zuri is a OOAK giraffe baby made of a soft giraffeprint-fabric. She is 14 inches / 36 cm tall. She is wired and filled with synthetic wool and plastic pallets. She was not easy to work on because her legs did not want to cooperate. It took me at least two more days to finish her. 

Hope you like her!

Hugs, Melanie


  1. She is worth every bit of time you spent on her. Her eyes are so realistic. Really beautiful.

  2. Hallo Melanie,
    ich habe Deine Giraffe schon auf Facebook bewundert. Ganz toll.
    Liebe Grüße