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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Howie the Hyena

Hello my dear friends!

Just a quick note from me. 
I am still in this very heavy-4 weeks-fulltime course but in my rare spare minutes I have found some time to make my latest creation, called 'Howie'.

Howie is a 7 inche/ 18 cm tall hyena boy. He is made of  high quality plush and filled with plastic pellets and polyester filling. Howie has a needle felted face and paws. 
His teeth and nails are made of polymer clay.

Hope you like him!

xx Mel

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So I have finished my latest creation last night.
 It took me many, many hours.
It's a ferret called 'Roscoe'. 
Roscoe is a happy, jumping ferret. I used to have 3 ferrets. Rakker, Boefie and Tijger. 
I was thinking about them lately and then I found  this piece of faux fur which just looked like the fur of my ferrets. 
Roscoe is about 15 inches/ 38 cm tall from his nose to his tall. Roscoe has sculped teeth. He is wired and filled with plastic pellets and polyester filling. 

I will start a 4 week fulltime course tomorrow. I am looking forward to it but I am also afraid that I will not have enough time and energy to make something new in these 4 weeks.
Because of my health problems my energylevel is very low.
I will think of all of you and grap my self together and just do it!
Many hugs,
xx Mel

Well, here is 'Roscoe'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My feature in BärReport Magazine

Hi there,

I am featured in the new edition of the German BärReport Magazine! It is my first interview and feature in a magazine!
I am working hard to finish my latest creation today. Maybe later today - or tommorow I can uploads the finished results. I am not gonna tell yet what it is going to be...
On monday I will start a 4 week fulltime course for my job. I am afraid I won't have much time and energy to make something in that time. :( I will try anyway. :)

To get back on the feature in the BärReport magazine; here are some pictures.

Hugs, Mel