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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last upload this year: a Hot Dog

This will be my last upload for this year - sounds dramatic, doesn't it? 
I am still thinking about what to make next. Hope to start this week on it. :)

This is my last project: 'Weenie' a OOAK little Hot Dog.
Would you turn into a vegatarian if a hot dog would look at you like that? 
Weenie is about 11"- 28cm from the head to the tail.

I don't know if it is a she or a he actually... what do you think?

xx Mel

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best wishes to everybody!

A Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and creative 2012!!!

I am trying so hard to get into the Christmas spirit but it is not really working. It's raining (last year we had snow), feeling a little sad and lonely, my hubbie was working the 24th and on Christmas day, nothing decent on tv and not many Christmas cards this year - everybody is sending unpersonal greetings through Facebook...
Highlights though: My new watch I got from my husband, I made Sushi yesterday and we watched 'The Gruffalo's Child' on BBC1 afterwards and we are going out for diner tonight!

I have somone new for you to meet.
It's 'Ting Ting', she is a little orangutan girl. 
Creating her took me as long as a real birth, I guess. I started on her but was not satisfied so she ended up in a little bag in a drawer - handless and unfinished. I decided to fiinish her afterall and now I am quit pleased with the result. I am sorry I had to give her away :(
Hope you like her.
Love Mel

Ting Ting

Friday, December 16, 2011

'Annabel' my little basset hound lady.

As you can see I am very motivated to make new creations. 
Though my fingers are very painful and difficult at the moment.
But all your sweet comments, the nomination for the TED Worldwide Award, being in a local paper and on TV has given me a very big boost to make many new creations. Thank you! 

So this is 'Annabel' :)
I would love to have a basset hound - I love them! Though I am allergic... hate drooling, moulting and going for long walks... I'd die to have one! ( Looking with big puppy eyes to my hubbie - no responce.) 

Any ways,
I hope you like my none drooling or moulting, allergy free and cleanly little 'Annabel' .

Love, Mel

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last chance to vote for the TED Worldwide Awards 2012...

Dear friends, followers and readers,

Today is closing day!  Last chance to vote for the 
TED Worldwide Award 2012!!
So if you would like to vote for my bear Cody and have not done it yet, you can still vote on this link: http://www.baerreport.de/_ted/ted_2012/ted_nominiert.html
(Only if you like - of course)

Love, Mel