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Friday, November 16, 2012

'Kaz' is finally ready....

Hi everybody,

Finally I managed to finish 'Kaz' my little wolve cub. I thought he would end up unfinished in a corner but I gave it another try.
The cold is hard on my fingers and making it a little harder to work for me but it will not keep me from my creativity.

This Sunday I will go to Disneyland Paris for 2 days! 
Sunday Disneyland, Monday Disneyland and on Tuesday we will visit Paris and then leave to go home again. I am so looking forward to it! Disney Winterland!!! Yeah!!!!

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy! ;)

xx Mel

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nominated for the TED Worldwide Award 2013!!!

Hey everybody,

I have got good news!
I have been nominated again for the TED Worldwide Awards!!!!

'Zuri' and 'Momma' are both nominated!
I am so happy!
I will let you know when it is voting time again. :)

xx Mel