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Friday, March 22, 2013

Time flies!

Man, time flies!
Last week, at this time I was sitting (sleeping... I guess) in the car, driving to Germany
 to Hofheim am Taunus, near Wiesbaden and now it is Friday AGAIN.
I remember it like yesterday.

The weekend in Wiesbaden was great fun and succesful.
My 'Momma' bear won a TED Worldwide Award and Zuri, the giraffe, won second place!
I am very happy with both of them. :) 

I am still tired of that weekend. All these wonderful people I met, all this attention, the exitement, the stress and too much candy and stress food. 
Looking foward to see many of these nice people in Münster in April.

Yesterday I finished my latest creation. A bunny called 'Amber'.
I hope you like her. :)

xx Mel

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking forward to the weekend!

Almost weekend,
Tomorrow after work we leave towards Germany.
You can find me at the Teddybär Welt bear show in Wiesbaden.
On Saturday is the Gala evening for the TED Worldwide Awards.
Fingers crossed Momma and Zuri will win first place!

By the way:
 This is my little 'Finn'. Finn is handmade and hand sewn and one of a kind. He is about 8cm/ 3 inches tall. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hi there!
A bit more then a week and I am off to Wiesbaden (Germany) to the Teddybär Welt bear show.
On Saturday night the 16. of March I will find out if I will win a TED Worldwide Award. 
Looking forward!!!!

I have also made something new.
Meet my little wolf called 'Aaron'. 
He is handmade by me and OOAK.
 'Aaron' is about 21cm/ 8.3 inches tall (23cm/ 9.1 inches is the highest part with ear.) 
He is very soft. :) Hope you like him.



Friday, March 1, 2013

Just click your favorite and vote!

Hi there everybody,
The online voting for the Golden George public choice award has started! 
Just click your favorite and vote.

If you like my creations you can vote for one of them.
I would be very greatful. :)
Thank you!

Hugs, Mel