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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet 'Dennis' the Badger

I have been working very hard on a new animal since I have made 'Blueberry' for my boyfriend.
I have made a badger and called him 'Dennis' - like the badger in Doctor Snuggles.

I just started another project and I have to finish it till Thursday... then I'll be visiting my sister in England - looking forward to!!!

Will post some pictures of 'Dennis' now.
Bye, love Mel


Monday, February 14, 2011

some more pictures of 'Blueberry'...

Here are some more pictures of 'Blueberry' my Valentine piglet:

ps. I don't really like the pictures. In real she looks a lot better.

Happy Valentine!

I have been very, very busy lately so wasn't really able to make something new.

I started 2 project and did not finish. 
The sadest thing was that I wanted to take part of an contest for a Dutch/ Belgian Institute of Doll Artist called 'DABIDA'  ( www.dabida.eu ) but on the last moment I decided not to finish my work and not to take part because I can't 'feel' the polymer clay ,at the moment, when my hands are so sore. And if I can't feel the polymer clay I can't give all that I can. I was very sad because I was looking forward to this contest.

But Yesterday I started on a little Valentine's present for my boyfriend and I have just finished it!
A little pig called 'Blueberry'.

I have to go now. I will post one picture and will post some more in the following days.
Hugs, Mel