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Monday, January 10, 2011

First entry of the year 2011: 'Louis'

Here is Louis, a sloth boy.

Not quit as promised, I wanted to finish him last week already but at last; here he is:


He is made of green plushies and has a needle felted face. His paws are made of  polymer clay, which I have sewed on afterwards
I filled his arms and legs with rice to make them heavier and hang more.
Why a sloth? Don't know, I simply love these slow animals. They always seem to smile and never worry.

I like needle felting :]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Starting the new year in a lazy way. Spent the last two days eating sweets and chocolate (damn, those bad but lovely Christmas sweets!), watching movies and TV and working on my new project.

I was working on a mole but I was not completely satisfied so the mole has to wait a little. 

Since 3 years I have this weird problem with my hands which gives me infected aching fingerstips all the time. Especially now when it is winter. They get red, blue, swollen and feel like burn blisters.
 I don't feel like telling the whole story at the moment but it means that my fingers hurt so much sometimes that I can't work as often as I would like to.

now I am working on a sloth. 
At the moment I am making his too long arms. I hope to finish him by the end of this week. 
( I have 2 jobs so I can't always work on it. )

Here is a preview:

I am still thinking about a name... 

Hope to show the end results soon.

xx Mel