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Friday, March 22, 2013

Time flies!

Man, time flies!
Last week, at this time I was sitting (sleeping... I guess) in the car, driving to Germany
 to Hofheim am Taunus, near Wiesbaden and now it is Friday AGAIN.
I remember it like yesterday.

The weekend in Wiesbaden was great fun and succesful.
My 'Momma' bear won a TED Worldwide Award and Zuri, the giraffe, won second place!
I am very happy with both of them. :) 

I am still tired of that weekend. All these wonderful people I met, all this attention, the exitement, the stress and too much candy and stress food. 
Looking foward to see many of these nice people in Münster in April.

Yesterday I finished my latest creation. A bunny called 'Amber'.
I hope you like her. :)

xx Mel


  1. Congratulations (again).

    Amber is precious, I love those long eyelashes. Could you say she is wearing "eye candy"?

    Hugs and Happy Weekend.

  2. Hi, Melanie! such a lovely creatures you make! I'm your new follower!