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Friday, December 16, 2011

'Annabel' my little basset hound lady.

As you can see I am very motivated to make new creations. 
Though my fingers are very painful and difficult at the moment.
But all your sweet comments, the nomination for the TED Worldwide Award, being in a local paper and on TV has given me a very big boost to make many new creations. Thank you! 

So this is 'Annabel' :)
I would love to have a basset hound - I love them! Though I am allergic... hate drooling, moulting and going for long walks... I'd die to have one! ( Looking with big puppy eyes to my hubbie - no responce.) 

Any ways,
I hope you like my none drooling or moulting, allergy free and cleanly little 'Annabel' .

Love, Mel

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