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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to Vote!

 Time to vote for the URSA Awards 2012!!

Hey everybody, finally voting has started for the URSA Awards 2012 Competition.
I take part at 3 categories! And YOU are the jury!!! You can vote!

You can vote until July 29th.
Please share these links to all your friends!!!!!!

Cat. 3 - Biscuit, nr 3.07 :

Cat. 9 - Patrick & little Rudi, nr 9.5 :

Cat. 15 - Howie, nr 15.7:

I hope you will vote for me of course ;)
You can vote in all categories - so you can vote for all 3 if you like!
Thank you!!!

 xx Melanie - Mellisea Creations


  1. Your sculptures are wonderful.Yes I have voted.