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Monday, July 2, 2012

Emiel the Donkey

Actually I am in a hurry... were are going on a short vacation in... uhm... 25 minutes and I still have to pack, get dressed and do all the things you do when you leave home for a couple days.... oops.

Well, I HAD to post my latest creation before I go. :)
Meet Emiel the Donkey.  Emiel is handmade from his head to his hooves and he is about 10 inches/ 26 cm tall. He is made of a very thick and soft,  grey fabric. 
Emiel is filled with synthetic wool and plastic pallets. 
His teeth and hooves are made of polymer clay and he has a needle felted face.

I hope you like him.

Hugs Mel

(only 20 minutes left to get ready... oops)



  1. Ah, what a cutie-pie. Love those donkey teeth.

    Hugs ♥

  2. What a character, I couldn't help but laugh, he is so comical.