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Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi my dear readers,

I would like to show you my latest creation, called 'Becky'.
I have been making some bears lately so I thought: "Why not make another bear?" 

Like always I have a complete vision in my head of what my creation is going to look like. Sometimes it looks like my vision and sometimes I end op with something completely different. 'Becky' looks like the bear cub I had in mind. :) 
Although I had a darker brown in mind...
Like all my creations she is one of a kind and comepletely hand sewn. She is about 6 inches/ 16 cm tall, filled with plastic pellets and synthetic wool. 
Looking forward to Teddies Festival in London! I am so nervous but exited as well! 
I can't wait!

Hugs, Mel 

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  1. Good luck for Hugglets, I would love to go only it is too far. Your bear is great.