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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st place at the URSA Awards 2012!!!

WOW! I can't believe it! 

I won 1st PLACE at the URSA Awards 2012 with my Patrick and little Rudi!
Thank you so much everybody for voting!!!

If you like to see my winners-speech, check out this link:

A short update:
The Teddies 2012 from Hugglets in London was fantastic! I have had a wonderful day. I met many new, amazing and nice people and I am looking forward to come back in February next year!!! 

After Teddies 2012 I enjoyed a week holiday on Kos (Greece). 
Sea, sun, great food, love and every day ice cream!
Back home I dived into the autumn weather. Cold, wet and rainy... but somehow I love it!
I am hoping to take part at the TED Worldwide Awards 2013. Somewhere this month I will hear if my two entries are nominated or not.... ecxiting! So fingers crossed!

I also like to take part at the Golden George Awards 2013. I just found out today I have to hurry up. Official closing time is November the 15th 
but the early-bird-discount is until October 15th. 
And I like discounts... so hurry up till October the 15th!!!

Many hugs,


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  1. Congratulations Mel. You must be thrilled.