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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dancing the Shimmy has won a Golden George Award!

Hi everybody,

Although it is almost a month ago (time flies!) I am happy to tell that my 'Dancing the Shimmy' has won a Golden George Award! I have had a wonderful time at the bearshow in M√ľnster. I met some great bear-artist, friends and visitors. It was so nice!

After I got back home I was very motivated to start on new projects again. So I made my little bunny 'Hoppy'. Here he is:

I also worked on a bear for Australian Bear Creations Magazine and yesterday I finished my latest creation. 'Olaf'. Olaf is a little dragon.
I hope you like him. I got many sweet replies on Olaf so I might make another dragon soon.

xx Melanie 



  1. Congratulations. I am not surprised about the Golden Geoge Award, your creations are award winning. And an article in a magazine - I bet your feet don't touch the ground these days. (o:

    Olaf is super adorable, what a precious face.

    I am so excited for you.


  2. Congratulations.. What a thrill to receive the award. I love your work and I'm sure you are walking on air having your work published.
    Hugs Kay