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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teddybär Total in Münster!

I am deeply ashamed I have not posted anything on my blog since I have moved in November 2013... I am so sorry :(

For almost 3 months I have not been able te make anything at all. But in January I started again.
I will upload my last creations but first I would like to let you know about the bearshow 'Teddybär Total' in Münster this weekend on the 26th and 27th of April. http://teddybaer-total.com/

A great bearshow in Münster, Germany with many talented international bearartist. 
You would not want to miss that so I hope to see you there!!! 

I am also looking forward to the wonderful dinnerparty of the Golden George contest on Saturdaynight. My 'Dancing the Shimmy' is nominated!
If you like, I would be very pleased if you would vote for me on the public choice awards. You can vote until Saturday in this link: http://teddybaer-total.de/golden-george/online-voting/?lang=eng

Now to my other creations.

I will upload all my latest creations since Denise the hedgehog (from old to new):

Tudor the donkey

Tickle little bear

Nina & Al on Dancing the Shimmy

 Isis the sphynx cat

Mamut Muzzy

Piglet Binti

Piglet Nils

Rhino Lisa

Little fox Tygo

Raccoon Rupert

Bear Pam

Little mole Pol

and a hedgehog for my sister 

Hoped you like it!

xx Mel

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