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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gwen, a little hedgehog girl

Just finished Gwen, a little hedgehog girl.
I must say I have never been so productive as I have been in the last weeks, hehe... Thinking about what making next, though I have more stuff to do :(

I need to write a small script for my kids in my theatre group on monday evening. 
I am useally very good in making up stories but my head seems to burst everytime I try to think of writing a story. Ahhhh!!! I NEED inspiration! 
As creative as I am on my little critters,
 my mind blocks on this script atm!

I am going to a big Bear Show in Münster ( Germany ) on Saturday and I am looking forward to it! In the evening, at a Gala Dinner Party, I will find out if my Cody and Bits are good enough to win a Golden George Award. Fingers crossed!

Here is Gwen. She is 5.5 inches/ 14cm tall and made of mohair.

Hugs, Mel


  1. Oh, that little innocent look of surprise is precious.


    P.S. I like your new "look".

  2. Your hedgehog girl is very nice.

    I will keep my fingers crossend for the show in germany. I am also there as an exhibitor. Perhaps we see us there.

    Hugs, Claudia

  3. Yes surprise is the word although I think she is a wise old girl that has been burning the candle at both ends, as well.