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Monday, January 9, 2012

Patrick and lil' Rudi

Here is my first creation for 2012!
This is Patrick and on his shell sits lil' Rudi. Two happy lillte tortoise. 
Making the shell was a hell! After 2 tries I finally was happy with the result.
But I wanted something on top of it. I thought of a little tortoise but after just finishish the shell I was so tired!!!
The next day it was still going through my mind. So I started on lil' Rudi.
Finally ready and happy!

 Love Mel

(Patrick is 7 inches- 18cm tall and lil' Rudi is 2 inches - 5cm tall. The shell is 2,75 inches - 7cm.)


  1. Well, I have seen some really adorable works of art but I must say - this tops them all. How adorable, and the shell - good grief, how did you do that? Your creatively and artistry are beyond belief. WOW!

    We are anxiously awaiting Weenie Girl, can't wait to see her in person and give her that first "welcome home" hug. (o:


  2. Oh my they are too cute. I love Rudi he is so little but they are fabulous. Good work.

  3. Your needle sculpting is amazing. Certainly delightful. Thinking out side of the shell.Ha Ha.
    I love them.