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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hugglets here we come!!!!

So -  I have been very, very busy the last couple of weeks 
to finish as many creations as possible for the Hugglets Teddy 2014, 
this Sunday in London.

My fingers and back are sore and my head is exploding. But I am happy with the results. :)

Here is an update from my latest creations:

Giraffe 'Gilly' (just finished)

Wolf 'Hugo'

Donkey 'Chico'

Hedgehog 'Inky'

Scottie 'Guz' & 'Art' 


Panda 'Tao Tao' 

Hope you liked them ;) 

xx Mel


  1. i Mel,

    They all talk to me and they are each and every one works of art, but oh, Gilly talks to me in "giraffe". Have a wonderful and safe trip.


  2. your work is unique, and so special. Love each and every one