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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shame on me... :(

I am very ashamed I have not updated my blog since my visit to Münster...
We have had a wonderful weekend in Germany 
a fantastic night at the Golden George Award Dinner.

My bear Becky won 1st PLACE! 
Wow, even after one month still happy. :) 

The Teddybär Total bear show was really good as well.
 I have met many wonderful people
 - exhibitors and visitors.

After the show I was able to keep Becky a little with me to celebrate her winning but last week a sent her back to her mommy.

Very glad to hear she came home savely. Her mommy Suzan sent me a wonderful picture with Biscuit on it as well .
The picture also shows a characature (made by my husband) of one of her dogs .

I would also like to show you 'Mo',  my latest creation. 
You can find him on the upper picture as well, next to Becky.


hugs, Mel


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