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Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Christmas...

Being kinda busy at the moment I totally forgot to post my latest creations.

I have made a little spider 'Vinny' with his ladybug friend 'Pito'
and for a familymember I have made a little bear called 'Peanut'.

I hope the TED Worldwide Award website will soon post a link for people to vote.
I can't wait to see my Zuri and Momma on the website.
I hope many people will vote again. :)

I am desperately looking for a Christmas present for my hubby. :(
 I am always good in finding special and original  presents but this year it's terrible! Urgh!

Hope I will find something soon. 

Anyways, here are Vinny & Pito 
'Peanut' the bear 

'Peanut' the bear

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  1. You will be getting my votes. Hope you find a gift for your hubby today.