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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally new work

Finally I have finished my latest work.
Mini 'Minnie' made after pictures from a lovely dog called 'Minnie'- a Jack Russell/ mini Foxie cross.
It took me quite a while because you want her to look like the real dog as much as possible.
Totally different then my other work because I usually make the more 'funny' characters with big eyes and my own style but now I had to work more realistic. Scary... hehe.

I had to rely on other people's opinion if she looked like the real dog because I only had some pictures of her.
 The mini 'Minnie' is 9 inches/ 23cm tall (with ears).
Hope you like her.

Hugs, Mel


  1. AMAZING. Truly the work of a very gifted and talented artiest.

    It took me a few moments to realize that mini Minnie was not a real pup. The freckles on her tummy and her teeth are unbelievable.


  2. Minnie's mouth I'm sure is the real dog.(I know it is not) but so hard to believe you have created this wonderful puppy.
    Huge congratulations.