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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going nuts!

I am happy to introduce you to my latest two creations:

'Hazel' and 'Scrappy'

Two very hungry squirrels! And they love candybars!
I did not mind making them because I had to eat all the candybars they are holding and sitting on (!)
Yes, they are all empty and filled with aluminum foil.
So, no candybars for me for a while... :P 

'Scrappy' -  He is holding a 'Snickers' candybar. His favourite!
He is about 23cm – 9”.

Scrappy is actually the name of a mouse my sister used to have for a short while - untill our parrents found out...
There is a very funny story to that actually. :) Isn't it, Bi?

And then 'Hazel'.
'Hazel' a hungry squirrel. His favourite candybars are 'Nuts' and he is looking forward in eating them all!
The candybar is made of FIMO polymer clay. It was hard not wanting to eat that one too.
His total height 24 cm - 9,5". 
Hazel without candybars: 18cm - 7".

 Hope you like them both.

Love Mel


  1. Like them? How about LOVE THEM. They are wonderful, I can't help but to smile just looking at them. They are adorable.


  2. Love love love them. Your needle felting is impressive. I love the teeth. What do you use??? (I have asked on DA already but thought I would on here too).